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ROI Print Manager Overview

Do you have too many printers? Do you know who uses them and what for? Are you looking to cut paper usage, reduce print spend and eliminate wasteful printing?

ROI Print Manager provides you detailed user level print audit plus allows you to craft and implement the perfect managed print strategy (MPS).

ROI educational user pop-up windows enforce policy and manager users' printing habits in-line with company policy. Ensure optimal fleet performance, cost efficiencies, a greener and more sustainable print environment.

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“ROI is an excellent solutions to offer our customers” 9/15/14

ROI is an excellent solution to offer to our customers. It is easy to explain and easy for our customers to understand, and ROI’s short sales cycle fits directly within our existing sales process – and the ENTIRE solution counts … Continue reading

Free Webinar Series: Achieve balance and growth in your MPS Business

Establishing and maintaining an MPS business can throw anyone for a loop Achieve a true transformations of your business as FMAudit and its partners reveal powerful combos of MPS technology and knowledge! Learn from FMAudit’s Steve Stegman as he guides … Continue reading

DocAssess and ROI Print Manager Team Up to Simplify MPS Discovery

Dealers to access printer and end-user level workflow information within DOCAssess MPS tablet TORONTO, Ontario – August 4, 2014. Office Document Consulting, Inc., a global leader in simplifying the MPS approach and automation of print assessments, today announced the integration … Continue reading

CompTIA – ChannelCon 2014 7/17/14

Print Control Software, Inc. will be demonstrating ROI Print Manager at CompTIA’s ChannelCon 2014, August 4-6, 2014. This annual event is the hot spot where industry training, peer-to-peer learning and partner networking all come together. The event will be held … Continue reading

AASBA 58th Annual Conference and Exposition 7/11/14

Print Control Software, Inc. will be demonstrating ROI Print Manager at the AASBO 58th Annual Conference, July 16-18, 2014. The event brings together hundreds of Arizona school business officials and other education professionals for one of the largest and most … Continue reading

Print Control Software presents at ECI/FMAudit’s series on Succeeding in Managed Document Services 7/9/14

The following link is a recording of the presentation – duration 28 minutes.

ROI Print Manager Releases ROI Cloud Services 6/18/14

Print Control Software Inc., one of the world’s leading software providers for understanding and managing users printing, announced today the release of ROI Cloud. ROI Print Manager offers our customers the ability to collect user-level printing tracking and control using … Continue reading

How realistic is an entirey paperless office 4/14/14

An exceedingly popular trend discussed in the business world is for companies to “go paperless” and switch to “entirely digital” operations. But, what exactly does that mean? More importantly, is it possible for organizations to not use paper ever again? … Continue reading

Print management solutions can assist health care industry 4/7/14

In an effort to reduce paper and streamline quality patient care, many hospitals across the nation have been implementing electronic medical records. While there is a deadline for 2014 set by the government, many have already been working toward a … Continue reading

Detroit Lions swap tickets for new paperless system 3/31/14

Another way that one NFL team is looking to reduce paper is through a new ticketing provider. Instead of Ticketmaster, the Detroit Lions team will now use Veritix, which will give fans the ability to purchase directly from the team … Continue reading

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