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Do you have too many printers? Do you know who uses them and what for? Are you looking to reduce print spend and eliminate wasteful printing?

ROI Print Manager provides you with detailed user level printing intelligence that allows you to craft and implement the perfect print strategy.

ROI educational user pop-ups can enforce policy and manager users printing habits in-line with company policy to ensure optimal performance and cost efficiencies.

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How realistic is an entirey paperless office 4/14/14

An exceedingly popular trend discussed in the business world is for companies to “go paperless” and switch to “entirely digital” operations. But, what exactly does that mean? More importantly, is it possible for organizations to not use paper ever again? … Continue reading

Print management solutions can assist health care industry 4/7/14

In an effort to reduce paper and streamline quality patient care, many hospitals across the nation have been implementing electronic medical records. While there is a deadline for 2014 set by the government, many have already been working toward a … Continue reading

Detroit Lions swap tickets for new paperless system 3/31/14

Another way that one NFL team is looking to reduce paper is through a new ticketing provider. Instead of Ticketmaster, the Detroit Lions team will now use Veritix, which will give fans the ability to purchase directly from the team … Continue reading

NFL continues push for paperless options 3/24/14

This blog previously discussed the National Football League’s (NFL) plan to implement electronic medical records (EMRs) for all 32 teams. That is becoming more of a reality, according to USA Today, as NFL physicians could have access to players’ entire … Continue reading

Paperless solutions require dedication and patience 3/17/14

With the Affordable Care Act, hospitals and medical facilities of all sizes have been working toward integrating electronic medical records (EMRs). The Hartford Business Journal recently highlighted the experiences of Connecticut hospitals, as they worked toward implementing EMRs. The news … Continue reading

Los Angeles plumbing company eliminates paper from office 3/10/14

The push to “go green” is happening across numerous industries in the business world. Many companies want to reduce paper and streamline their daily operations with electronic options. One tool that will partner well with such efforts is an integrated … Continue reading

Alaskan hospital cuts down with electronic system 3/3/14

The healthcare industry is one of several that can greatly benefit from integrating a print management system into daily operations. With electronic medical records (EMRs) becoming the norm, the need for physical product has significantly decreased. Dr. Melinda Rathkopf of … Continue reading

College moves to online surveys, response rate drops 2/27/24

As more organizations adopt new technologies, the need for physical product has decreased. There are still situations when paper is more beneficial, and companies that want to remain efficient and cost-effective can invest in print management software to find the … Continue reading

ECi FMAudit and ROI Print Manager Now Integrated

Fort Worth, TX – February 18, 2014. ECi Software Solutions (, a leader in industry-specific information technology solutions, today announced the availability of an integration between its FMAudit® solution and the ROI Print Manager software from Print Control Software Inc. … Continue reading

California supervisor advocates for paperless office 2/3/14

With technology evolving every day, more businesses are implementing bring-your-own-device policies to account for employees using mobile devices for certain tasks. Not only can such moves streamline efficiency, they can also save a company money by cutting down on supplies … Continue reading

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